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Natural Cosmetics and Zero Waste for the protection of ourselves and nature. Free Shipping on orders over € 34.99.

Biocosmetics: Vegan and Zero Waste

To develop our product line we started by choosing organic raw materials with a low environmental impact. We then thought of a recycled and recyclable packaging, without using plastics and petroleum derivatives. We also pay close attention to shipping, to be as zero waste as possible: in fact, we use reduced and plastic free packaging.

Among our biocosmetics products there are solid shampoo and solid conditioner, practical and easy to use, both handcrafted. We also produce quality, hypoallergenic and Made in Italy vegan cosmetics.
The skin protects us from external agents and needs care and attention, which is why our cleansers and body soaps are delicate and rich in active ingredients to provide you with the skin nourishment you need. In Naiadi products only natural dyes derived from dyeing herbs are used, such as spirulina algae powder. To perfume cosmetics, essential oils are used, which have a great smell and are obtained from plants, so they are natural. Among these are, for example, lemongrass, lavender, bergamot and sweet orange. Oils have many properties that help take care of hair and skin, such as castor and coconut oil, which facilitate hair growth and counteract hair loss.

How we make our Solid Shampoo and Solid Conditioner

All Naiadi cosmetics are made using 100% natural, hypoallergenic raw materials and produced by Italian companies. They are handcrafted to create unique cosmetics, with a particular texture, due to the way they are left to rest in the air. They have long preparation times to let the chemical reaction take place without forcing.
Solid soap is produced by the cold method, which makes it gentle on the skin. This is also thanks to the glycerin obtained from the saponification reaction between oils and soda, which keeps the moisturizing properties of the used oils intact.

The ingredients that make up the shampoos and solid soaps are Kaolin, a white clay with a purifying power that absorbs impurities; Oryza Sativa Starch, rice starch that reduces redness and is soothing; Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, a gel derived from the Aloe plant that has a moisturizing, soothing and antibacterial function.
The products contain natural surfactants, derived from vegetable raw materials, easily biodegradable. It is precisely the surfactants that produce the foam and have the washing power, in fact they bind easily to dirt and water, allowing their elimination.
As we said, to give the perfume to solid cosmetics we use essential oils, natural extracts with different properties: antibacterial, relaxing, antiseptic, with a calming, anti-stress or purifying effect.


The benefits of natural and plastic free cosmetics

Our solid soaps can be used by anyone who prefers natural, organic products with a low environmental impact, aiming at zero waste and plastic free. Solid shampoos and cleansers are perfect for those who can't stand waste.
Every choice is important and has consequences, even that of the cosmetics you decide to buy: if they have a low environmental impact, they will be good for you, those around you and nature. All our products are comfortable and easy to use, even by children, making them perfect for the whole family.
For convenience, it is advisable to apply the solid soap on the skin with the help of a sponge. Instead, as regards the shampoo, just insert it inside an organza or sisal bag and then rub it on the hair, so that not even an ounce of it is wasted.

To reduce your environmental impact and contribute less to climate change, one solution is to choose products with reduced packaging, plastic free, in recycled and recyclable paper. Our products are perfect for all conscious customers, looking for handcrafted, nourishing and natural detergents and cosmetics, not aggressive at all and which minimize waste.
Our products are safe, hypoallergenic and free of toxic substances, so they can be used without problems by those who have allergies or have sensitive, easily irritated skin.