Consigli su come utilizzare lo shampoo solido fino all'ultimo grammo!

Tips on how to use solid shampoo down to the last gram!

Well yes, after countless uses your shampoo \ conditioner \ solid soap has reached the end of its life: a small piece of the nice initial block remains, which is difficult and always gets out of hand. What to do then? Here is this blog to give you some useful advice ..

For soaps and body cleansers the solution is really simple: place the piece left in the center of the sponge and spread it directly on the skin, you will see that you will consume it until the end without wasting even a gram! Maybe one more shower will last!

For the shampoo and conditioner, on the other hand, you can insert the piece (or the pieces, if the stick broke prematurely or you have kept several) in an organza bag, the one of the sugared almonds, and rub the latter on the hair, soaping the head. as if you were holding the new product. You will see that the game will be done, and you will no longer see a few precious grams of shampoo slip down the drain… rest assured that it does not pollute, but it's a real shame! Before and after use, the bag can be washed in the washing machine to sanitize it.

These are the solutions we have personally tested, you instead? Do you have any other suggestions?

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