Colore si, ma tutto naturale!

Color yes, but all natural!

The world is beautiful because it is varied, and full of colors!

Nature is a great palette to draw from, but always with due respect.

Only natural dyes in Naiadi products, derived from dyeing herbs such as spirulina algae powder (spirulina maxima powder). You can find it in the Lemongrass and hemp line, with varying shades of green based on the other ingredients present. Very rich in chlorophyll, this cyanobacterial alga also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps eliminate toxins.

The intense brick color of pomegranate and cinnamon is given by the alkanna root (alkanna tinctoria root extract), a small evergreen shrub of the Mediterranean flora, used since ancient times to dye fabrics as well. In soap scrub it is combined with madder root (rubia tinctorum root), once known as the dyers' madder, precisely because the dyers obtained the red color from this root.

Which color would you like for a future line? We await suggestions!

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