Who we are

Naiadi Biocosmesi zero waste e plastic free

Nàiadi were for Greek mythology the nymphs who presided over the fresh waters, deities considered beneficial and givers of health. Our young company wanted to be inspired by these figures, to be able to bring you natural products, innocent for our body and at the same time for the environment.

We are closely connected with the world around us, plant and animal, and its good health is also ours.


cosmesi vegan e cruelty free

  • RAW MATERIAL of quality, 100% natural and for the most part organic, hypoallergenic, produced in Italian companies (Made in Italy). You can consult the INCI of each product in its specific sheet: we are convinced that maximum transparency can help in an even more informed choice. Our products are not tested on animals.
  • PROCESSING totally handcrafted. We believe that to help the environment we need to take a step back: go back to the production methods of the past, where the human hand is more present. The product obtained is therefore unique in itself, and any differences in the texture are due to the naturalness of the air curing. The preparation times are long to allow the chemical reaction to proceed without forcing. Solid soap is produced with the cold method, which makes it gentle on the skin thanks to the glycerin obtained from the saponification reaction between oils and soda.
  • PACKAGING reduced and as close to philosophy as possible zero waste. For shipments we have chosen the simplicity of recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard, avoiding plastic and therefore plastic free.