INCI: questo sconosciuto!

INCI: this unknown!

All of us the first time we went shopping, thrilled by our new independence, we found ourselves a little bewildered in front of supermarket shelves full of products of all kinds. For every basic necessity, dozens and dozens of different brands: but it does not end here because each of these on its flamboyant label claims to be the best, or the most recommended, and we, stunned and always with very little time, throw it in the cart the most familiar product because we have simply heard advertisements for it hundreds of times.

But you have to do a U-turn! We do not remain passive, guided by the strength of the external market (and marketing): we are the ones who actually have immense power in our hands. The power to make a choice, as conscious as possible. So let's turn those products we find on the shelves, take our time, and read that label on the back which is much less inviting than the one in front. But which shows in black and white what we really should be interested in: WHAT are we buying!

The question is quite easy for food, a completely different matter for hygiene products. Because the poor consumer, who is becoming a fantastic conscious consumer, faces the infamous INCI! Literally it is an international name used to indicate the ingredients present in the product, but in practice they are incomprehensible names, and for those who are not chemical experts they could really be anything.

Therefore we decided to use this blog to publish the "translation" of the INCI nomenclature of the components of our products, to enable you to make a truly conscious choice. In this way, those big words will seem a little less scary, and you will recognize them more easily from now on. Good study!

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