Naiadi Vi consiglia: UN TUFFO NELL'ARTE

Naiadi advises you: A DIVE INTO ART

From 09 July to 01 November 2020, don't miss the photographic exhibition "Not in my planet" by the artist Mandy Barker in Castel Beseno (TN).

On a carefree August trip I came across these disturbing photos in the fantastic setting of the Trentino castle: the only subject, the plastic waste found by the artist on the beaches and in the sea. Seen from afar, the prints are a riot of shapes and colors that delight the eye and invite you to get closer to observe better. And so the shock sets in: each colored fragment reveals itself for what it really is, that is, a piece of plastic, a waste regurgitated by our poor seas.

This really must lead us to reflect, and exclaim "Not in my planet!" Not on my planet, not in my home, because the Earth is home to us all.

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