Vi aiutiamo a leggere l’INCI: i tensioattivi naturali

We help you to read INCI: natural surfactants

Let's start with our guide on INCI from surfactants, a word that needs to be understood. I personally have always framed it with a negative connotation: surfactant = pollutant. But first of all it is necessary to distinguish natural surfactants from synthetic ones. In our products you will find only surfactants of natural origin, therefore derived from plant products such as coconut oil, which are easily biodegradable. What are they for? In fact, they give the product its washing power: they bind to dirt and at the same time to water, allowing it to be eliminated. It is the surfactants that produce foam.

Derived from coconut oil, you will find SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE, a very delicate surfactant, if you look at INCI, in first place in our shampoo and face-body cleanser. It is important to know that from the position of a certain ingredient in the INCI list you can understand how much that product contains: if in the first places, there is an important quantity. It can be said that in the first places we find the basic ingredients, as flour can be for a cake. In the last places the ingredients in small quantities.

COCAMIDROPROPYL BETAINE is also a surfactant derived from coconut oil, LAURYL GLUCOSIDE is a secondary surfactant of vegetable origin always used in the formula to mitigate the action of the primary surfactant, also of vegetable origin, it is often used for delicate skin such as those of children.

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